Henley at 2…Amy Beckley Photography

Henley, Mom and Dad met me at the MS Ag Museum Saturday for her 2 Year Session.  I’ve been photographing Henley since she was a newborn so it’s always great to see how much she’s grown.  It was a beautiful but HOT day and Henley was a typical two-year old, running everywhere and exploring the museum grounds.  We had to sing “If You’re Happy and You Know It.” several times but I did get a her still for a few shots!  It’s hard to be 2!

ABP_9390PerkinsJuly2016 ABP_9402PerkinsJuly2016 ABP_9434PerkinsJuly2016 ABP_9441PerkinsJuly2016 ABP_9481PerkinsJuly2016 ABP_9520PerkinsJuly2016 ABP_9569PerkinsJuly2016 ABP_9611PerkinsJuly2016

This is my FAVE!!

ABP_9632PerkinsJuly2016 ABP_9669PerkinsJuly2016 ABP_9758PerkinsJuly2016

And the best part of the session is that Henley will be a BIG SISTER in February!  Congrats to Mom, Dad and Henley!


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