School Lunch Ideas…Salad Edition

Well, school has begun! Tuesday night I  cooked homemade chicken nuggets for dinner and I had enough leftover for the girls for the past two days for school lunches in the form of chicken tender salads.  It just takes a bit of thinking ahead.  Tonight I’m trying a new recipe for Mexican Street Corn Burrito Bowls and I’m hoping the leftovers can carry me through ONE MORE DAY (tomorrow is FRIDAY-YAY!!). NOTE:  With most salad, dressing can make them soggy, so serve dressing in smaller containers so the kids (or you) can put on right before eating.  Soggy lettuce is gross!

Salads are pretty easy for lunches especially for teens and adults.  I’ll be going back to work in two weeks, so these will be great for me.  Like the last post, I’ve searched Pinterest for ideas and I’m listing them here for you!  As I try these ideas, I’ll do a post on each one.



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