First Mini Session of the Season is DONE!

As a photographer, my number one goal is to capture your child’s personality in each and every image. I want my clients to look at each and every image that I capture and remember how they felt when that image was shot and when they look at them in the future, I want to have created memories for my clients.  With that being said…I know for a fact that I captured this little man’s personality.

I was H’s teacher last year in preschool so I know those quiet moments (although rare) and I know those crazy moments! He’s the type of kid that you want to love on one moment and pinch him the next!  It was a crazy session that is for sure but I LOVE the images that I captured.  Sweet AB was simply sweet!  And those eyes!  Beautiful!

Pretty Girl!  And THOSE EYES!


They really like each other!  Silly sibling images are the best!

I know…this one is a little out of focus!  He was running full speed at me but I love his expression!  Full of Mischief!


And then he get really sweet 3 minutes later.

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