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Planning is everything when it comes to knowing “whats for dinner.” Without proper planning, we end up hungry and eating out more often than our budget allows.  Disastrous!!!

With a family of 5 (2 adults, 2 teenagers who eat like adults and a wild toddler) eating out is too expensive and too chaotic.  Even fast food can ring up $40.  We do tend to splurge once a week or two but most of our meals are home.  I can control our spending this way and our waistlines! Win! Win! Plus, I LOVE to cook!

So here goes..How do you plan for a week of meals?  I begin with thinking ahead and knowing what our upcoming nights will look like.  This next week, I know that 2 nights we will be at the ballfield, tonight and tomorrow night (Friday/ Saturday) will be light because the older girls will be gone and it’s HOT in Mississippi…meaning we need light meals.  Who wants a heavy meal when the heat index is 100 degrees? Not me.

So I open my Recipe Binder (more on that on a later post), look through the Kroger ad online and get out my coupons.  After I look through what’s on sale at Kroger and go through my coupons, I look through my binder and gather ideas for meals.  We are true carnivores here so a meat is almost always served with each meal so I will try to plan my meals around what’s on sale.

My grocery list

I make a list of meals as I go through any ingredients that I need to add to my grocery list and I’m done!  Here’s a image of my shopping list. Rough…I know.

I’m VERY familiar with my local Kroger.  I can even write my list in order of the layout of the store.  When they rearrange things…It drives me NUTS!  Any item I have a * by means that I have a coupon for that item.  **I LOVE coupons!

So I’m all ready! Just have to carve out time to go to the actual store!

Here’s my upcoming menu for the week.  I’ll add recipes on the blog as I cook them.

Last week of June Menu

Sometimes I just write this on an index card and put on fridge.  Sometimes I get a little “fancy” and use my chalk markers and board! I also don’t plan day to day.  This works for me.  I know what I have and I can choose these meals according to time available for that day and the mood I’m in.

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