The Moore Family

For a photographer, these are the busy times.  Scheduling, planning, prepping cameras and cards, checking and double checking equipment, shooting, uploading, culling, editing, proofing galleries, taking orders, designing Christmas Cards, placing orders and delivering those orders.  All this because I LOVE it!  I love doing this.  Yes, it does take me away from my own family.  My house currently is a disaster area.  There are toys everywhere.  Dinner (salad with Kroger deli fried chicken tenders) is still on the kitchen counter waiting to be cleaned up and my 3-year old is running around eating cookies in her panties!  But I LOVE it!  I keep telling myself, “you can do this…Gatlinburg in a MONTH!!).  With that being said…

This is why I LOVE photography!  The families that I meet and the families who become part of my life!  Saturday I met with 6 fabulous families.  One new family but 5 repeat clients (who have become friends).  6 Families, 17 kids (7 of whom I have photographed them as newborns) who I have had and hope to continue to document their lives.  We now hug at the end of a session and I spend our time together catching up in each other’s lives.  It gives my the warm-fuzzies just reflecting back on it!

This weekend I tried something new…I sent out a survey asking my families a few quick short questions to help me with their session.  And the question I LOVED the most?

In just ONE word, describe your children and how they make you feel when you look at them…


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