Welcome To My Adventure

Life is an adventure…at least that is how we desire our lives to be, right? Who wants to lie on their deathbed and be happy that they took the easy road and made no memories along the way?  I’m all about making memories.  My parents instilled that in me at an early age.  From family vacations to the beach, Disney World, amusement parks and all places in between to picnics in the back of my dad’s pickup truck, I have lots of childhood adventures in my memory.  I’ve made it a point to do the same with my daughters.  We’ve done things together that I hope and pray that when they are old they will remember and think back on  fondly.  This is really the main reason, I’ve decided to start “blogging.”

I always thought it would be cool to write a book, especially a really cool murder/mystery/”who-done-it” one but the ideas never flowed..not yet anyway.  But I do love to write.  I began a pretty intense bible study journey in January of 2015 and discovered that I really do love writing. I’ll get in the “zone” and just start typing away.  I can read my posts days later and not even believe that I wrote it.  It’s like the Holy Spirit takes over and uses my fingers to type His message.  I’ve never experienced that before and I love it.  I crave it!  I wake up every morning excited about what God has planned to reveal to me that day.  And I want those adventure for my daughters to read one day….even my grand babies!  They say what you put on the internet lasts forever and I’m counting on that.  This blog, this presence may be the only tangible evidence of me fifty years from now.  I want my daughters when they are in their 40’s, struggling with life and “stuff” to be able to read over these posts and see that their mother went through the same thing.  That she struggled with time management, stress and the all important question of the day, “What’s for dinner?”

So this begins as a love letter to my daughters.  A glimpse into my world…my feelings, my methods to my madness and the incredible love and pride I feel when I look at them.  Please know that this adventure may be rough around the edges.  I babble…a lot!  I am a Type A,  ADHD (adult-onset, self diagnosed), stressed out and TIRED Mama!   I’m not striving for magazine perfect photography or award winning journalism…NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! This adventure is sure to evolve and may be neglected from time to time.  This may be my one and only post!  Who knows?!?!  My only goal is to be honest and real and give anyone who reads this a piece of me!

2 thoughts on “Welcome To My Adventure”

  1. I am so very proud of you for starting this journey. I am excited to read your stories, listen to your heart, follow your spiritual growth and get a few recipes on the side. You are my inspiration every day.

    Love your little sister.

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